[Best Need] Mixer Grinder Buying Guide 2020

Mixer Grinder Buying Guide

In this digital generation, almost all products are available in the online marketplace. But one problem is that choosing the best of them is a time-taking process.

If you have questions related to how to buy the best mixer grinder? which mixer is best according to use? what power is best for the mixer? what is the budget is required for buying the best mixer grinder?

In the 90s people use the Sumeet. If you don’t know what is Sumeet then it is basically synonyms of mixer and grinder. Made by a stone used to grinding pastes, masalas, and many more that used in our kitchens. In this generation, almost all people use a mixer grinder.

If you think buying the mixer grinder then read all the points mentioned below. After reading these points you can easily find the best mixer that fills your all need and value for your money.

So, If You have any doubt about how to choose the right Mixer Grinder Then, this article mixer grinder buying guide will help to choose the best mixer grinder.

How To Buy The Best Mixer Grinder

Usability Mixer Grinder

In the market various types of mixers, grinders are available. All are specified by their own features and uses. In fact, if you looking for normal use mixer than low power is good for you. In other words, if you don’t use the mixer for heavy-duty grinding ingredients then 500, 550, and 600 watts power of the motor are good.

However, it consumes very less electricity. But if you grinder hard ingredients, masalas, and tough paste with less water then 750-watts and above high powerful mixer grinder is best.

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If you buy any mixer grinder various types of accessories come with packing. like jars, spatula, lids, extra blades, coupler, and spare parts. So, also look for all these accessories are available or not on this website all information related to products are available with the proper table.

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Power of the motor

The heart of the mixer grinder is motor. So, the power of the motor depends on how the mixer can grinder ingredients fine, smooth, and fast. However, 500 to 600 watts mixer grinder is delivered well for normal use like grinding batter of idli and disa, pastes of pules, spice powders, and liquid type ingredients.

Therefore, it is not grinding hard ingredients like turmeric and coconuts. And 750-watts and above the power of mixer is believed that very powerful and good mixer grinder of multipurpose use. It is best for tough grinding.

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Number and Capacity of jars

For multipurpose use of mixer grinder, the number of the jars are required for the different-different type of grinding like chutney, pastes, power and better. However, you live in a joint family then you need to large jars. In other words, if you looking for only a mixer grinder then you should buy the grinder with three jars and if you looking for a mixer grinder with a juicer then look for extra juicer jar. Also, if you looking for that mixer which is used for all type of grinding, kneading, mixing, etc. then a food processor is best for you.

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The jars and blades are must be made by rust and nonsticky material. However, stainless steel is one of the best material which is non-sticky and rust-proof.

The material of blades and jars


The material of lids and handles

For a long life of the lids and handles made by unbreakable and high-quality material. Generally, all mixer grinders in the market the lids and handles are made by polycarbonate. Therefore, it is high quality unbreakable and light material out there.

The material of lids and handles


If you looking for a 500-watts mixer then around Rs 1500 to 2200 is enough. And 750-watts or above the power of mixer grinder comes with Rs 2500 or above. You can compare the prices in all e-commerce websites in our comparison table. You get a detailed Comparison of the best mixers in this site.


In any electrical appliances, safety is the most important part. In the mixer grinder must look the material of the body is shock-proof, perfectly fitting of jars and mixer, high-quality rubber in the bottom with reduces the vibration during operation, 360-degree rotary wire out-side of the mixer and smoothness of the edges of the jars.

Revolution or Speed of the motor

The performance of the mixer grinder depends on the motor and the revolution. 18000 to 20000 RPM of the motor consider as good revolution. Also, if RPM is high then it gives fast grinding. Therefore, look for a high revolution mixer grinder with a three-speed adjustment knob.

Ratings from consumers

Also, look for consumer’s ratings and feedback. That is the performance of the mixer and its pros and cons of the mixer grinder. In almost all e-commerce websites are given in feedback from consumers at the bottom you can easily find.


If you did not care about maintenance like cleaning. Then look for that mixer grinder which comes with less number of jars and compact size mixer. In other words, look for a mixer grinder comes with only two jars.



Any electrical appliances can get defect or crack during use. So, for repairing or replacement is easy and at low cost, if the product is in warranty period.

Generally, in the mixer grinder companies give 2 and 5 years warranty on product and on the motor. It can different for multiple brands and models.

Also, some brands give up-to 7 years warranty on the motor. Remember, not in the product in other words on the body. So, when you purchase any mixer grinder always look for the warranty on motor or product.


If you grind many ingredients on a daily basis. Then look for the durability of the mixer. Therefore don’t grinder over ingredients, it can damage the mixer, and grinding is very shown. For more information read to how to care for the mixer grinder.

Brand value

In India lots of very famous brands for mixer grinders like Bajaj, Philips, Sujata. Big brands have their own R&D centers in which these brands test the products in all conditions. In fact, big brands focus on safety, performance, and value for money. So, go for a good, trusted, and famous brand.

Brand value

Griping Capacity

And the last point is Griping capacity or power. During the operation, the motor produces high vibration because of the high speed of blades. So, in the feet of the mixer grinder are equipped with rubber that helps to reduce the vibration and gives smooth.Griping Capacity

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