How to Change Blades of Mixer Grinder

When our Mixer Grinder is old, then some problems have arisen like the blades are not rotate smoothly, blades get dirty and blades get blunt.

If you facing this type of problems then you are in the right place. In this article, you get in-depth and detailed information on how to change blades of mixer grinder. So, read till the end.


Change Blades

When you purchase the mixer grinder. A spatula comes with the box it helps you to open and fit the blades. Therefore, you can use the spatula in multiple works like to change blades and vegetable walking.

Remember that generally, the spatula can’t change the blade of the chutney jar. Because the bolt of the chutney jar is too small. In this case, you can use the spanner to change the blades of the chutney jar.

You can easily change the blades in the rest two liquidizing and dry jars. Now, follow the steps below to solve your problem.

Steps to change the blades of wet/dry and liquidizing jar

  • Hold spatula reverse
  • Hold the coupler of blade tightly
  • Fit spatula in blades inside
  • And round anti-clockwise
  • Now, your blades are open
  • Repeat these step again
  • Round the blades in clockwise to lock

If your blades of mixer get damage then only one option is to change the blade. However, always remember that you use the recommended accessories only. If you use other accessories of the mixer then it can damage the mixer and don’t work well too.

If the blades get dirty. Then to avoid this problem, whip with water after grinding. It cleans the blades as well as jars.

The blades are sharp so always remember safety is first. To avoid cut and hurt use cloth to hold coupler of the jar. Also, change the blades in the proper place. Use tooth-brush to clean blades.

If you have a food processor. And you need to change the blade of kneading jar then follow these steps. It is very easy to open the blades of the kneading jar.

If you don’t know what is a food processor. Then, it is basically a mixer grinder with extractor used to grinding, mixing, atta kneading, chopping, mincing, slicing and grating, etc. You can read the review of the best food processor.

Steps to change the blades of the atta kneading jar

  • Hold the jar and round the blade anti-clockwise
  • Now open the base of the blade by rounding anti-clockwise

How To Do Sharp the Blades of the Mixer Grinder

After a long time, the blades of the mixer grinder get blunt. It affects grinding like not to give smooth and fast grinding. So, how to we sharp the blades of the mixer grinder? Let’s explore.

After use always whip with water. So, the blades get cleaned. Also, grinder stone salt every 2 to 3 weeks. Do you know? It is one of the best tricks to sharpen the blades.

Best Only Blades For Mixer Grinder

  • AJS spares Stainless Steel Medium and Big Jars Blade Set with Coupler for Panasonic Mixer Grinders (Steel)
  • MAHARANI Blade and Coupler Set for 2Ltr, 2.5Ltr jar of 1400 Watts Mixer Grinder (Spare Parts)
  • Sujata Blade for Grinder Jar made with high Stainless Steel without coupler
  • AJS spares Juicer Jar Blade Set with Coupler Compatible for SUJATA Mixer Grinders, Steel

I hope, your problem is how to change the blades of the mixer grinder is solved. If you have any problem related to the mixer grinder then comment. We answer all the questions in less time.

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